My endangered wildlife paintings are included in a special category to provide updated information about the protective support that is currently underway by major wildlife conservation partners.

African Elephant – Morning Call
(Soft Pastel, Colored Pencil)

The information below is from the official websites of WCN (Wildlife Conservation Network) and/or who are protecting endangered wildlife. (Please see Artist’s Disclaimer at bottom.)


Elephants are among the world’s most intelligent, sensitive and social animals, possessing both empathy and family values. They live in close family groups that over the years have been torn apart by an epidemic of poaching across Africa that is fueled by a growing demand for ivory. Tens of thousands of African elephants continue to be killed each year for their tusks.

Save the Elephants (STE), founded by renowned elephant expert Dr. Iain Douglas‐Hamilton more than 25 years ago, serves as a long‐term protector of elephants and as their voice and advocate on an international stage. Since the poaching crisis took hold, STE has led the charge to save Africa’s elephants both in Kenya—where their headquarters are based—and across the world.

STE conducts research into the ecology and behavior of wild elephants, providing deep insights into the challenges they face and forging science-based solutions for a harmonious future between elephants and humans. The organization’s research closely follows the wild elephants in STE’s northern Kenya study area in intimate detail, and through tracking elephants in various sites across Africa provides crucial details on the land elephants need in order to thrive. Save the Elephants is working for peaceful coexistence between humans and elephants and provides outreach around the world to help secure a better future for elephants.

Title: African Elephant – Morning Call
(Soft Pastel, Colored Pencil)

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