My endangered wildlife paintings are included in a special category to provide updated information about the protective support that is currently underway by major wildlife conservation partners.

“Never underestimate what a few committed individuals can do for a threatened species.” — Wildlife Conservation Network

Snow Leopard - Karen Conger Fine Art
Snow Leopard – Silent Guardian
(Soft Pastel)

The snow leopard is unable to roar butMore

Endangered Wildlife - Giraffe (
Giraffa Camelopardalis – Tallest of All
(Digital Pen)

The tallest living animal in the world … three-horned …

……………….. up to 19 feet tall and weighing up to 2 tons ... More

Amur Leopard - Karen Conger Fine Art
Amur Leopard – Elusive Power
(Digital Pen)

Stealthy, nimble, solitary. Strong and fearsome.

………….Speeds up to 37 mph, leaps 19’ horizontally and 10’ vertically.

…………………….Hunting at night and never giving up the fight. … More

African Lion Cub - Karen Conger Fine Art
African Lion Cub – Born With Spots
(Soft Pastel)

African lion cubs are born with black spots which eventually disappear … More

Amur (Siberian) Tiger - Karen Conger Fine Art
Amur Siberian Tiger – Territorial – I’m Watching You
(Digital Pen)

They roar, rumble and purr.More

Grevy's Zebra Mother and Foal - Karen Conger Fine Art
Grevy’s Zebra Mother and Foal
(Digital Pen)

Grevy’s zebra foals are born all legs and ears.More

Cheetah Cubs - Karen Conger Fine Art
Your Cheetah Eyes
Cheetah Cubs
(Digital Pen)

Cheetah cubs are born with all the spots they’ll ever haveMore

Bengal Tiger - Karen Conger Fine Art
White Tiger Blues
Bengal Tiger (Colored Pencil, Ink)

… with his powerful and fearless demeanor and watchful eyesMore

Giant Panda - Karen Conger Fine Art
Giant Panda Panache
(Soft Pastel, Colored Pencil, Ink)

The title could also be “Munch, munch, munch.” More

African Lion - Karen Conger Fine Art
African Lion – Sunday Afternoon
(Soft Pastel)

… young male lion in his stately repose. This was a really good hair day for him.More

African Elephant - Karen Conger Fine Art
African Elephant – Morning Call
(Soft Pastel, Colored Pencil)

Elephants are among the world’s most intelligent, sensitive and social animals More

Reference Photos for wildlife artwork are resourced on each More webpage.